Goods to man: an automated process

The human factor is minimal in an automated warehouse. The warehouse is controlled by mechanization and automation of the process, among other things by using depalletizers, conveyors, automatic storage systems, sorters, etc. Achieving the optimum unloading capacity in automatic warehouses with mixed goods depends on the advance, based on the orders, article characteristics and other criteria by IPS determining the optimal and best-filled carriers. This result determines the order (sequence) of goods to be collected. The physical assembly of pallets or roll containers can be done by means of stacking robots or manual packing stations. IPS resp. the mechanical stacking recipes and the visual stacking instructions.

IPS Goods to Man

Using ingenious stacking algorithms, IPS Goods to Man can quickly calculate the optimum stacking required for each automated warehouse. This is done by combining order characteristics, specific article characteristics and additional parameters to be set by the user of IPS, e.g. family grouping, weight class, maximum height of carrier etc. Based on scores, the best result is used to retrieve the goods in the correct order from the automatic warehouse. When physically stacking the mixed goods, IPS provides every desired stacking robot with the correct stacking instruction. If manual packing stations are used instead of robots, the correct stacking instruction is displayed on a screen via IPS Stack by Instruction, so that the optimum result, the most filled carrier with the best quality that meets your wishes, is always realized.

Objectives IPS Goods to Man

The result of using IPS in (semi) automatic warehouse concepts is:

  • Super-fast, powerful calculation of optimum carriers.
  • Determines the optimum sequence of the goods.
  • Basis for the optimal capacity of (semi) automatic warehouse concepts.
  • Optimal control of stacking robots and stacking instructions for manual packing stations.


IPS can be fully integrated into any (semi) automatic warehouse concept, and linked to your WMS / WCS system. IPS can make the stack recipes for any type of stacking robot or manual packing station.

Stack by Instruction

If your warehouse concept takes into account manual packing stations for physical stacking, IPS Stack by Instruction provides the visual instruction, presented on a large screen. Through this instruction, the optimum and pre-calculated carrier is also physically stacked as desired.

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