Mixed Palletizing met Intelligent Palletizing Solutions

IPS stands for a series of solutions that ensure the optimization of your warehouse.

IPS Intelligent Palletizing Software quickly calculates the optimum carrier in every warehouse process. This is based on order data, product specifications and adjustable business rules. The optimum result can be used in the warehouse process and lead to an improvement in the productivity of the employees, an improvement in the quality of the full carriers and, because the use of IPS means that fewer carriers are required on average to lead to a reduction in transport costs.

IPS and warehouses

IPS Intelligent Palletizing Software is suitable for every type of warehouse where different (mixed) goods are collected. This can be a traditional manual warehouse, whether or not using a WMS and Voice Picking, where IPS Man to Goods is used. IPS Goods to Man is used in (semi) automatic warehouses, linked to the WMS or WCS.

Our strength

Logistieke software

Logistical software

Warehouse optimalisatie tools

Warehouse optimization tools

Algorithm Support Service

Algorithm Support Service

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Logistic Consultancy

Our approach

We use a standard approach in all our projects:

  • Situation description
  • Problem analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Simulation
  • Demonstration

  • Implementation

  • Interfacing

  • Delivery

Are you interested?

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