Optimize productivity order picking

How productive are your order pickers? One thing is certain: there is room for improvement. This is evident from the fact that order pickers are not all that fast in collecting and stacking products. This is due to the difference in walking and handling speed, but also to the difference in knowledge, experience and spatial insight.

This provides a long learning time for new employees. It takes months before they are at the same productivity level as their experienced colleagues and can build optimally filled, stable pallets. But even those experienced colleagues are often falling short. After all, customers are making more and more demands, including the composition, stacking heights, stacking order and type of load carriers. As a result, even the most experienced order picker loses the overview.

Our solution

IPS leads to a significant increase in productivity. Because order pickers receive step by step instructions on stacking pallets, they can operate almost as fast as their experienced colleagues with more puzzle skills. This also considerably reduces the learning time of new, inexperienced order pickers.

In addition, IPS calculates the most efficient route along the picking locations based on the stacking pattern. The order pickers collect the products in the order in which they are to be stacked. A few handy innovations ensure an even more efficient picking route and even higher productivity. Consider the possibility of picking products earlier and placing them later on their final location on the pallet.

Is the order picker unexpectedly in front of an empty pick location? Then IPS calculates a new stacking pattern and a new picking route in real time. The order picking process can be resumed within seconds without losing speed and quality.


  • Less skilled order pickers quickly become more productive
  • The learning time of new employees is falling sharply
  • IPS calculates the most efficient picking route based on stacking pattern

Your benefits

  • Higher productivity
  • More efficient walking routes
  • Shorter learning time

Why choose IPS?

Crucial in automated order picking or packaging processes is the question of how products should be stacked on the load carrier or in the box. IPS has the answer. The tool calculates how to optimally position the products and gives instructions to the system, whether it is a robot, palletizer, packaging machine or manual stacking station.

A choice for IPS is more than a choice for an IT system. You choose an optimization process that can intervene in many processes in the warehouse. Each process therefore starts with a situation description and a problem analysis, which makes clear on which points IPS can improve. This is followed by a feasibility study, supplemented with simulations and demonstrations to further elaborate the application possibilities.

IPS is not a stand-alone tool, but an add-on. This means that the tool must be integrated with the system that controls the operation in your warehouse. This can be a warehouse management system (WMS), but also an ERP system or a self-developed system. By using web services, we can easily integrate IPS with every system.

Are you interested?

If we have aroused your interest, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to show you a free demo of the possibilities.